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3-PACK - Mixed Styles - Tie Dye (Blue/Plum/Grey) - S/M (6-9.5) Bundles, Allegro, Anklet, Ballerina, All Products

Tucketts Tie-Dye 3-PACK Mix Styles come in your favorite styles and colors. Free toes, lightweight knit, and superior grips support postural alignment & balance to increase your body awareness. Helps stabilize your stance for dynamic movement and create neurological pathways in your brain. Get the freedom of that barefoot sensation!

Tucketts socks are made in Colombia with a blend of 70% recycled cotton, 29% nylon, and 1% spandex making them one of the most comfortable socks you will ever have on your feet. Moisture wicking fabric and anti slip grips prevent sweat from creating a slippery situation. with so many patterns and colors, you can roll up to your favorite barefoot activity looking stylish, too!

Small/Medium: Women's US 6 - 9, Tucketts are easy to put on and take off. No need to struggle to fit each toe into its own little sleeve. Tucketts Tie-Dye 3-PACK Mix Styles come in your favorite styles and colors. It's the perfect addition to your workout routine and outfits. Trust and love your feet!

SUSTAINABILITY IS OUR PASSION. Since day one, it’s been our goal to cause the least amount of harm to the environment as possible, while positively impacting communities and disrupting old industry norms. With tree-free packaging and reduced water consumption through recycled yarns, we continue to make improvements in our supply chain each year.

Machine wash and dry